== TFM ================================================== Updated: 03/02/2001 ==


TFM, short for TerraForming, is the name the Untouchables
of TerraFirmA gave to the major restructuring of the game that took
place in the spring of 1997.
TFM meant that the familiar Aber setup was changed, with the new town Hamelin 
now at the centre of the game instead of the Village. If you type INFO MAP you 
will see Hamelin in the centre, with the Village way to the north. The familiar
towers and quests are still in the game, plus some new ones; checking the map, 
you will see the new layout has placed them at different locations. 

The new TerraFirmA layout is due to a long-term plan to bring continuity to the 
game instead of having zones placed more randomly throughout it.  This aim of 
continuity and consistency will become clearer over time.  Hamelin itself has
been restructured, mainly around Hamelin Streete.  For those less familiar with
the town, it has two main streets called Hamelin Streete and Water Streete, 
which intersect at the Town Square.  You will find all the usual locations, e.g.
a Store, Bank and The Hospital, just off of Hamelin Streete. The main start 
location is the Tourist Bureau, to the west of the Town Hall, just off of 
Hamelin Streete.  To get to the Town Square from the Tourist Bureau, you move 
east, east, south.  Then, from the Town Square, you can head in any direction
out of Hamelin, e.g. west all the way to the Southwest Tower; east all the way
to the Hamelin Harbour (see INFO HAMELIN).

TFM's project members were BabyGirl, Firefly, Lucas and Luckyspin.  If you are 
unsure about anything, ask an Untouchable

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