== Tournament Information ================================= Updated: 98/12/17 ==

   Tournaments will be arranged from time to time as and when a majority of 
   players expresses a desire to hold one.

Tournaments involve dummy characters of 4 characters length (eg. NERD) that will
be registered under your normal character's name.  The tournament will be held
in the normal TerraFirmA play area.

To join in a tournament your "dummy" character should be in the same location as
the Lord+ UT running it when Tournament is switched on. To join in after that 
you will have to type join.

The idea will be to achieve the maximum TOURNAMENT SCORE (see TSCORE) within an
allotted period of time (usually 30 minutes).  Points are awarded for kills and
are deducted if you are killed.

500 points are awarded for killing another player.
50  points are awarded for killing a mobile
250 points are deducted if you are killed (whether by a mobile or another
No points are lost through running foul of a death room.

The Lord running the tournament and other Untouchables will keep a "benevolent"
eye on proceedings, and will keep players informed of proceedings, as well as 
adding a little help or hindrance along the way such as leaving weapons, armour
and other useful items in strategic locations.

The prize is at the discretion of the Lord running the tournament, reflecting 
the number of players participating in the tournament.  The prize will usually 
be in the form of credits or a HUGE clue to a quest.

Players are encouraged to participate in tournaments (they will not be coherced)
as it provides a spirit of competitiveness to the game.

If you have any ideas on how the Tournament feature of TerraFirmA can be
improved then MAIL your ideas to a member of the Court.