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JAVA Telnet Client

Note: this is a newer version of the applet. To use the old version, go here.

If your browser is Java-enabled, you can now connect to TerraFirmA using only your browser with the Java Telnet Client below (applet courtesy of Matthias L. Jugel and Marcus Meißner).

To start using the applet, click the button below. Please read and/or print the TIPS FOR USE below. You are expected to be aware of all conditions involved in using the applet.

For more information and help with playing the game itself, please refer to the GUIDE SECTION.


Read these usage instructions for the Java Telnet Client Applet. While we wish you to enjoy the game using the telnet client, the administrators of TerraFirmA are not responsible for any damage to your character that is a result of not knowing how to use the applet.

Instead of this applet, you may eventually want to download/purchase and use telnet or MUD client software to connect to TerraFirmA--preferrably a program with ANSI colour support as this adds to the enjoyment of the game. For more about telnet, or to find a telnet software program for your computer, read the how to connect to TerraFirmA page.