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Programme 25 : Russian brides, Terrafirma, Dave and Dan’s obsessions and Cyber Cafe, the movie

Victoria runs a charity which pairs up western men and Russian women. A few hundred pounds and an air ticket gets men an introduction to a genuine Russian beauty. Paul works for Eurocare, and he’s Victoria’s UK contact.
According to Todd and Martin, its owners, TerraFirmA is the UK’s best MUD. Tonight they explain why they don’t need to get out more.
Danny and Dave are back. This time it’s obsessions they’re on about. Will they never learn? Here’s what they obsess about:
And since this is the last Cyber Cafe for the time being, we thought we’d settle back into our rocking chair, pull on our mohair cardy, and look fondly back over a year of life on the Internet.
Dan and Jeremy's Best and Worst of the Net


Fahrplan DB

Fahrplan DB

Snowman 2000

The Snowman 2000 Construction Set



I Can Eat Glass Project

The I Can Eat Glass Project

Railway Photography Archive

Railway Photography Archive

World of a Brain SurgeonAnna's challenge result : Find yourself a job with the Net

It’s the end of the line for Cyber Cafe, so we asked Anna to look for work. She’s already got a sideline as a Jenny Agutter lookalike. But she might try these rewarding careers:

[STOP PRESS] Cyber Cafe will be returning. It comes back in a regional version on the 4th October. People in the Meridian region who want to be featured should get in touch now!


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