Well, I'm one of the newer arrivals to the exhaulted ranks of the Untouchables! They told me I had to write a homepage, so here it is.

I won't bother with all the fancy offical-looking formats, instead, here it all is as I think of it!

My name is Duncan. I study Civil Engineering. All other details are withheld as I MUD from a university that actively persecutes MUDders. I guess I'm getting paranoid these days, but at least that's a good survival trait!

I first logged on in Mid-February 1995. After about a month I started to play properly. After about 3 or 4, I realised that it actually was possible to become Untouchable, and started trying harder. I made level 12 at the end of June.

Now for a few things about me. I was born in a small city called Hereford near the Welsh Border in 1976. Since then, the only other place I have lived in is University!

I like music, films, TV, reading, Role-playing (Terradome is a form of role-playing you know!) and that bloke called God (yes, yet another of those people who call themselves Christians!).

My muscial tastes cover a lot of ground. Motorhead, Terravision, Pantera, Vivaldi and Mozart are in my tape collection (I don't like CDs, they're too expensive!).

I like shooting guns (although not at people!), playing TD (surprise! bet you didn't expect that one!), cooking (when I'm in the mood), eating and having money (it's a shame that I'm a student, eh?).

Oh, and I love having a good time!!!!!

Now what's next? Oh yes, most people have a section where they thank all the people who helped them get where they are, and I'm no exception. The only main difference is that I'm not going to mention anyone by name, as I'm bound to forget someone, and they'll get all upset. So instead, THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED ME ALONG THE WAY. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!

Well, that's all the important bits over with, except for one - the photo. It's quite simple, there won't be one! I'm not a very photogenic person.


Right then, so now you've had most of the usual bits you'd expect to find in a homepage. Well, here's my own special bit. No "Top Ten" lists for me! I've come up with something MUCH better?????

One dark night, a group of friends sat (ok, sprawled) in a room together, happily sharing and evening (and a few drinks). Little did they realise what lay in store....... I was thinking about my homepage (for some reason), and in a flash of inspiration, I realised that no other homepages ever told you what a person was really like. Ok, so you find out their likes and dislikes (and often their Terradome Top Ten), but not much else. It was then that the fateful deal was done!

The agreement went as follows: If all the people there (and Vick, who got included later) would describe me in one paragraph or less, I promised faithfully to put all their descriptions, without any editing, on my homepage. By the time I realised what I'd agreed to, it was too late. The promise had been made. So, here is THE DUNCAN FILE!


"Misunderstood, however when conceptually conceived by those close to him, he appears to be abundant with care, knowledge and peace."

- Guess who's doing a course involving philosophy! -

"A knowledgeable person who doesn't let knowledge run his life and his views so he still knows how to enjoy himself and have fun while not letting sensible thoughts be lost or buried."

- And you thought that Boogie was bad when he got drunk! -

"An undiscovered book with an unusual cover in the Chained Library. Mulligan No Hair."

- Don't ask me what that Mulligan No Hair bit is all about, I have no idea and she wouldn't explain! However, I do know about Chained Libraries...-

"Dark Duncan, Jekyll and Hyde of a man who works solidly but is a sexual and beer dynamo. If he's a Chained Library, just imagine what he's like in bed! Follow the bear!!!"

- I'm not too sure about that "sexual dynamo bit", perhaps he was thinking of the wrong guy??? -

So there they are. For better or (more probably) worse. Don't you just hate it when you promise to do things when your judgement is slightly impaired?

If you want to know anyhting else, just talk to me on the game. Otherwise, I guess it's time for you to go somewhere else in the wonderful world of the Web!

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