Hello, you have found my very small and very humble webpage. I suppose that seeing as you are here you would like to know more about me.

Name: Dave Carter
Age: Born in 1976
Lives: Devon - England
Occupation: Primary School Teacher
Hobbies: Football, Keeping fit, Playing with my son.

I started playing in 1996 on Terradome at Uni. Favourite tricks used to include handing people the oaktree spike and nicking their stuff as they died and handing people cursed weapons. However Dale tells me that doing this is very naughty indeed and should not be attempted in the game now. I came back in July 2001 having found a computer of my own - only to see that everything had changed.

Credits need to go to: Lukie and Slarg for introducing the game to me, Rowena for letting me use her homeroom while mine is built, Everybody who has been incredibly kind or funny or both that make TF a fun place to be, like Lister, Chesca, Paulo, Galena, Talina, Angelslayer, Panda, Misty, Mav, Milkyeyes, Flea, Firefly, Turbo, Bambi, Nirvana, Cyn and of course Dale for putting up with loads of questions that I get asked now! If I missed you out then sorry and if you want to know anything else then ask me on TerraFirmA.

Photo ofme with a novelty phone
Me with a novelty phone

Photo of Baby George
Baby George - Isn't he sweet?