Well after 4 long years I have finally been forced (read blackmailed) into putting up a web page (Nirvana, Dale you can now point that gun at somebody else :> ).

My real life name is Dave and I currently live in "Sunny" Dundee, located in Scotland. Donít ask me for directions as my geography is known not to be the best in the world! :>. After graduating from the Uni. of Abertay in computer science, I started working in a company called NCR, maker of cash register machines. No, this does not mean that you can complain to me whenever the cash machine swallows your card :>.

I was introduced to the world of TerraFirma by my friends Nirvana and Lister in 1995, though in those days the mud was known by the name TerraDome before switching sites from Denmark to the UK. Thank god for that as the connection to the original site was really suffering in those days.

Anyway, I have to finish by saying hi to a few people. First there is the Dundee ĎMobí Lister, Nirvana, Milkyeyes and Enchanter followed by Galena, Lost, Rowena, Mindflayer, Firefly, Cyn and Bambi. Finally I have to say hello to my best mate on Terra, Bliss.

I hope that answers a few basic questions for people, if you want to talk then please feel free to pop onto Terra and say hi any time.