About these Pages ('Seems like time to make it unclear')

This is the third version of my home pages to hit the web. The first version was for Terradome and was a simple straight forward stream of text with no fancy graphics or other twiddly bits. The second version spanned the opening of TerraFirma and the closing of TerraDome. This was a much fancier page, using frames and some nice little icons which Lucas wrote for me after being paid with sexual favours.

The version you are reading now is the third and last version which will ever appear, (as there is no way I could ever be fucked to do another one), and has been in production since the Christmas of 1996. A long time? Well, when I say in production I mean sat on a floppy disk gathering dust in my cupboard at home.

My main excuse was that my home pc didn't really like running netscape and I couldn't see what the page was going to look like in its finished form. This was a crap excuse, and so when I bought a new PC at the beginning of 1998, I decided to dust off the floppy and finish the page. Unfortunately, what I thought looked cool and groovy back in 1996 looked decidily dodgey and so I started to rewrite the entire thing.

Design your own look. ('I'm not like you, but I can pretend')

After spending ages and ages trying to work out what the hell I wanted the page to look like and comparing it with others on the TF webpages I got nowhere. So I thought about the options available and here are the findings.

So, I thought well I could spend the next year or so trying to decide what to go for, and although that isn't a bad idea, I decided just to go for it. So I've grabbed the first icons and backgrounds that have caught my eye and thrown them together and the result are sitting on your browser as we speak. Unfortuately it looks like a cross between the Make it tacky and the I dont know HTML kinda pages, but at least it is done!

So, happy reading and I'll see you on TerraFirma!.