Newbie on the Net ('When I was an Alien')

Back in the far distant past of June 1995 I went on-line, well OK I crawled on-line with a 386 Laptop, 4mb of memory and a modem running at 2,400. (Yeah yeah, I know what your thinking and my link speed and hardware have been the focus of amusement on the game for nearly three years now, so unless you think you've come up with something original.....

I first logged on as a character called Bustit, who got her ass kicked by most of the creatures on the game and who managed to keep on falling down long drops, like wells and mine shafts. I didn't intend to only play on TF at this point, however it seemed the one with the most features that I had tried and so I came back after a week or so and logged on as Cynryth and started to play properly. (ha, ok, well started to play badly and get killed a lot but didn't give up).

Why Cynryth? ('He knows not what it means')

When I was a student, in the days when we used to write on slate with chalk, my best friend was a guy called Brett. He was a real AD&D fan, and introduced me to the game and the concepts. I already was a keen computer text adventure fan and fell into the RPG world like it was a long lost home. I soon ran my own campaigns and still have the whole designs to a massive world I created which rewrote most of the AD&D rules, but still kept the original flavour of the game. One of the main NPC's in the game was a half-orc character called Chadwar Cynryth. He was my ace card, always turning up to ruin the players plans and was the bane of their lives.

After several months of play, I changed the name to Cyn, which is the name that players were calling me. It also gave me a chance to play with titles more, and for a few months it amused me to be called 'The Ultimate Cynner', 'Cynderella' and 'Cynosure'.

Whats that funny sign mean? ('What the hell am I trying to say?')

I didn't really know that much about the internet when I first came on, and even today, I'm not really a fan of the web, although there are some interesting sites out there, I do think they are hidden by the vast majority of shit of which, with this page, I am contributing to. I didn't know what a smiley was, (and actually asked Luckyspin what the 'funny characters' were that appeared at the end of peoples speech thinking they were some 'line noise' or blip on my telnet connection). Acrynoms were also a complete unknown to me as well, which lead to some interesting conversations at the start of my playing life.

It reminded me much of the time when I first got a CB radio and didn't understand what was going on apart from the participants seemed to be having fun.

The first people met. ('I need an easy friend')

The first person to speak to me as Cynryth, was Lucas. His exact words were, 'Head south into the farm and here's some roguestuff to help'. Well ok, not the best of greetings I guess, but enough to make me wield and wear the roguestuff and solve the farm quest. I wasn't really into questing because everytime I tried I seemed to die and lose levels, so I carried on killing and collecting credits, which was my first downfall. Unknown to me the levelling system on the mud was about to change to be quest based and in the very near future I lost about 5 levels due to the switch over. It was about this point that I met Luckyspin and from an initial mudmail exchange over some quests that had gone missing from my completed list, we became friends.

My second downfall happened when I had completed all the quests and the powers in control at that time decided yet again to change the levelling. I spent a good twenty or so hours trying to make up the points that I had efffectively lost and eventually made Counsel in the early part of 1996.