Who is this person anyways? ('You are the Queen of my heart')

Well, check out the photo gallery for some insight into where I live and such stuff. I'm knocking on a bit now, hitting my third decade of living in the UK. I moved to England in 1986 for a job and never went back home and perhaps I never will. Who knows.

I live near Swindon in Wiltshire, in a small cottage at the end of a very dogey two mile country road/track which leads to one of the main roads into town. Its very quiet, and once the Sun goes down, its very dark.

I dont tend to go out much in Swindon these days, usually having my night out on a Thursday in whatever part of the country I happen to be working in. I spend most of my weekends drinking at home, getting wasted and pursuing one of my 'likes' from the list given elsewhere.

I'm about five feet six tall, dark hair, dark brown eyes, full lips, and medium build, with a slightly darker tan skin than perhaps the average anglo-saxon. My accent is somewhere between Bristol crossed with London, until you get me angry and then I slip into the accent of my ancestors and also start speaking too quickly for most to follow.

The best advice to give anyone who has pissed me off is to run like hell, as an angry celt is not to be messed with.