Likes: ('I know its true, but what can I do?')

Home cooked food because its the best anyone can get. Assuming the chef isn't a complete idiot!
Good Comedy shows, difficult to name any, BBC2 comedy zone screens most of them though.
Good Oral Sex, nothing like a good tongue is there?
Good Sex for when their jaw gets tired.
Sex in general if I can't get any good sex!
F1 Racing season. Good old Murray, how someone can make so much money being so wrong is fucking beyond me. Its cool to watch though as long as you ingore Mr Walker for the most part.
Becks because its prolly the best damn drink on the planet!
Cannabis. What can I say. Since giving up hard drugs, this is my only indulgence.
Eddie Izzard - There is nothing more to say! He is just great! (and has great boots)

Dislikes: ('Its so relieving to know that your leaving')

American Cop Shows because they are so damned crap!
American Game Shows for exactly the same reasons.
Ok, I'll admit it, most imported American shows apart from 3rd Rock.
Religion (see later what a minefield this is!).
People who think image is everything and dont realise its all bollocks.
Security guards whose hats are too tight and cut off circulation to their brains.
Train Conductors.
Cheese, whoever invented this ought to have been shot on sight!
Black Pudding (see cheese).
Tescos. (or any other superstore I have to go and shop at).
People who say 'Cannabis is just the drug that leads people to Heroin'
Dentists, Hospitals, people who wear white clinical looking coats, aka, Sadists.
Sad old comedians who get by hosting chat shows. Des O'connor being a fucking classic!