Music I listen to ('Give me a Lenoard Cohen Afterworld')

My favourite band for the last few years (if you havn't guessed yet) is Nirvana. Why? Well its the raw power of it all, the way the songs are strung together and just the life and energy that Cobain injected into his music. I make no excuses for them, I like them and if you don't, then accept my tastes or fuck right off! My tastes do change over the years, one of my earliest memories is listening to a ripping guitar track from Queen and thinking, yeah this is what I like.


In my time I have been (in order), A punk, A new romantic, A heavy metal freak and now grunge. My tastes are wider though, and music now of interest include RadioHead, Paul Weller and Analis Morrisette, plus I have throwback evenings and play Adam and the Ants and other bands from the early 80's. (Duran Duran, Wham and all the other idols we used to drool over at 14).

Music I play. ('We all like pretty songs')

I play a lot of the music I listen to, Nirvana, Paul Weller, but am open to suggestions and nowadays as I only really play acoustic guitar, any song I hear with a decent bit of strumming in it, I usually play along with or learn seriously. Favourite covers I play are:

Nirvana: Dumb, On a Plain, About A Girl.
Paul Weller: Mountain.
Guns and Roses: Patience, Civil War.

Music I write ('Write off lines that don't make sense')

I also write my own stuff, and have a lot of songs which I've written the lyrics and music to, but which sadly have never been recorded. Ok, there were a few, but not of any decent quality to publish on here.

In any case, I've included some example lyrics to give you a feel for where I'm comming from.

Should I lie?

Tell me now is it safe to say?
Should I give in anyway?
Hide the desire and tell a lie
Is worth it, should I try?
Should I try?
Should I try?


I've been across the seas
Trying to do as I please
The same result I have to say
Made no difference anyway


Tell me now what to do
Wish I was just like you
Walking free and out of pain
While I go through it all again
All again
All Again

Repeat verse 1.

Tell me now should I lie?
Tell me now should I try?
Tell me now should I lie

I never asked you to do it.
I never wanted it at all
But the stone don't listen
Deaf in an ugly wall
Was the pain part of it
Violation just wasn't enough
The dark red stains a turn on
The cracking of the tough


The silver glinting in darkness
Your delussionary idea of right
Stain the knife, win the freedom
In the dark depths of the night
The black gulf of savagery
Reared it's twisted horned head
No-one can here my screams
From my nightmare of the dead


Why didn't you kill me
Or perhaps you think you did
The external scars have faded
Hide the dream secure the ID
Bury the emotions, hide the pain
Build the high internal wall
Don't get too close I bite
This way, is best for us all.

Why did you do it?
Why did you hurt me?
Why don't you care??
Why did you tear me?