Mud Rumours about me. ('Don't quote me on that')

I am a vindictive and heartless bitch.
False: Any purveyours of this rumour are only showing how little they really know of me.

I dont like Americans.
False: I love Americans, they are such a source of humour;)

I zap a lot of people.
False: I've only really zapped 5 people in all the time I've been on TF. There have been a few others, newbies who shout abuse on the game, duplicate chars, etc. and I don't count these.

I dont like regligion.
True: Any organisations that proclaim peace and harmony, but are reknown for being the cause of so many killings and war are a little up their own arse if you ask me. I dont like religion especially Christianity for a variety of reasons. Best not to bring this subject up when I'm around.

My Clave Quests are cruel and hard.
True! And damn well have no intention to change them either!

I am very sarcastic and have been known to rip into people.
True: But then the bastards deserved it!

I hate men.
False: See why I actually like Americans;)

I dont like Boogie.
True: I dont particualy get on with Boogie after he got me thrown off the TF coding team.

I dont like the old court.
False: But see my comments on Religion. I tend to get on with most though I think, although I guess I'm as rough on them as I perceived they were on me when I was a player.