Phrases/events that Stand out in my memory! ('I am my own parasite')

There are a lot of funny little stories, all true, that I would love to share with you, and when and if I can be arsed to get claim my 50Mb web space on the ISP server I use, then I will write them up. In the meantime, here are some bits that still today make me smirk or stay lodged in my forebrain. There is a common theme here somewhere, see if you can spot it.

'You can't stop now my legs have started to shake' - From a costume drama on BBC2 screened in the late seventies when a stableboy was screwing a milkmaid up against the barn wall. (Call it art and stick it on 2).

'You dont want to be an Counsel, all we do is sit around, do nothing all day and chat' - Honey and Morr Circa 1995 and how true that is eh;)

Overheard next door at a party I once attended.
Girls voice, 'Stop Stop, I havn't taken my pill'
Boys voice, 'Its ok, I'll marry you if you get pregnant'
Girls voice, 'You can fucking well get off now mate!'

Overheard later at the same party from the same couple.
Girls Voice - 'If I do it, promise you wont do it in my mouth'
Boys Voice - 'Of course I'll tell you'
10 minutes later, girl chokes and throws up.

'Strokey beard meeting' - Eddie Izzard.

The sketch from Kentucky Fried Chicken with the microphone that moves around during the chat show. Only sketch that has ever had me rolling around in pain and crying on the floor with laughter, apart from maybe the Mike Harding sketch about parrots and turkeys and why its important never to get them mixed up.

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