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[c&d] Communications Presents

Cyn & DæD's


TerraDome Is DEAD, Long Live TerraFirmA.

Question: Why would you possibly want to read FreeWheeling when you can enjoy the tabloid offerings of the DEN OF LIES!?

On this page [c&d] offer's for your viewing pleasure a new batch of imaginary quotes, derogatory comments and outright slander. Remember, No one has a higher opinion of the untouchables than us

(and we think they're super crap).

Rest In Peace Link, you will not be forgotten brave ShmOO.

[c&d] will grudgingly accept more slander and lies, for inclusion in the DEN.

Feel free to send us `cut & pasted' examples for the Cheating Scum section :



Contents :

Classic Quotes.

Know [c&d]. Love [c&d].

You Cheating Scum!

Classic Quotes That Untouchables (perhaps never) Said

[c&d] Philosophy - "Why tell the truth when you can lie??"

"I hope that when I next bump into Gumby I'm driving a BIG truck"
- DæD

"New Labour, New Danger - I am too scared to leave my house, or even to answer the phone"

- Vardick

"WANTED: Small sheep, must have tight white curls and sturdy legs"

- Zaphod

"WANTED: Large fresian, preferably with horns as they're good to hold onto"

- Zaphod

"Portia? My head will fly, my tongue will lie, my eyes will fry, and I may die"

- DæD

"God commands me to kill women, then rewards me with colored lights and music in my head"

- Boogie

"Of course I'm fair AND I listen to everyones comments, Now shut the FUCK up - I'm talking"

- Luckyspin

"Okay it's true, I admit it - I DO share all of the physical sexual characteristics of my namesake"

- Panda

"So I move around continental USA just to avoid Hydran, who wouldn't?"

- BabyGirl

"I tried having mud sex with Cryo, but he suffered from premature emotation"

- Firefly

"Nah, I like food better than sex, oh and drinking, and going out, sleeping, talking, ironing, washing, housework..."

- Bambi

"I didn't realise the swimsuit became see through when it got wet, I wondered why people were laughing and pointing"

- Nirvana

"I never put woollen socks down my underpants to impress the girls, I use cotton ones, wool tends to make me itch"

- Dios

Know [c&d]. Love [c&d].

<DaEdeLuS> Group-sex!
**(System) SYSTEM CALL : Full power to the shields Mr Sulu! We're going down!
=Game Over!===========================================================

	Please venture in the realms of TerraFirmA again soon !

TerraFirmA>Saving DaEdeLuS.
Connection closed by foreign host.

- 10/96

[Lucas has become Sad]

- 8/96

<DaeDeLuS> Searching for the holy foreskin of Christ!

<Firefly> I'm not even going to ask...

- 8/96

From: Boogie

To: Suede
Subject: daedelus
Sent: Sun Sep 10 21:23:10 1995
I would just like to send you this quick document
to warn you about the violent mood swings that Andy has.
I do regard him as a friend and I feel it only right
to inform you that he can be quick malicious with your code.
He is good non the less at coding..
and with the right guidance and freedom will be usefull
Hes a little level hungry.
(Author of Terra Adventure Code).

- 9/95

You Cheating Scum!

[c&d] : "Keep up the good work!"

[c&d] inv bliss
Bliss has no inventory worth noting.
[Bliss has become Gyre]
[Gyre has become Bliss]
[c&d] inv bliss
You peruse Bliss's belongings secretly.
Bliss is wearing:
Bliss is carrying:

- 8/96

[c&d] "Cast Out Demons, Heal The Sick"

Copyright © [c&d] 1996