A bit about me...

I found the Terradome in June 1995, made Counsel there a few months later, came over to TerraFirmA from its creation due to lag to the Terradome, and have been here ever since. I've slowly got involved more in the running of the game and am now an Advisor involved in general administration, occasional writing, and, in particular, editorial work for it. As I'm part of the unhappy masses who have to work during office hours, I'm not usually on during weekdays, but mostly in the evenings and even (once in a blue moon) early in the morning. My job is so rivetingly exciting that I won't describe it here in case it makes someone jealous. Or sends them to sleep.

Thanks to a computer and modem kindly given to me by different people who didn't need them any more (thanks Vardick!), these days I have Internet access from home and not just from work, so the happy people at BT are rubbing their hands together with glee as I run up excitingly large phone bills visiting and working on TerraFirmA and getting into pointlessly complicated (but addictive) debates on mailing lists (memo to self: read and write OFFLINE!!!)

Some things I do/have done/like:

I read a lot, mostly fiction. Some favourite authors generally are Pat Barker (especially the Regeneration trilogy), Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid's Tale is still one of my favourite books of all time, although there have been others of hers I haven't liked as much), Iain Banks and Barbara Vine (the other incarnation of Ruth Rendell). I also generally like mysteries (Ruth Rendell writes good ones, IMO, and I also like Arsene Lupin books), science fiction (Isaac Asimov, for instance), some fantasy, and things that make me laugh - early Terry Pratchett books did that for me, and I also like Alison Bechdel's comic strips, the Magic Roundabout books (you're never too old...) and all of Willans & Searle's Down with Skool books (chiz chiz). I like a fairly wide range of music including indie, some classical, and jazz (it had to grow on me eventually after years of my jazz-addicted dad playing it all the time!) - but the band at the top of the list would always be the Throwing Muses. I've also recently got back into going to see bands live after a while of being too lazy to do so - recent ones include the Jesus and Mary Chain (*nostal*), Pulp (better than I expected) and Catatonia (pretty good, I thought). Favourite films and TV include Dr Strangelove, Thelma and Louise and The Italian Job; Frasier, Jonathan Creek, any Eddie Izzard specials and ER. (OK, I admit it, ER is a bit of an addiction. For anyone else who likes it I recommend The Alt.TV.ER Page. But enough on that subject...)

Another thing I like doing but haven't done for a while is sail - my excuse is that I first sailed in Scotland when I was at university in Edinburgh, and the water's just too warm now I'm back living in England again. I used to be particularly good at capsizing Lasers and not being able to get them upright again - hours of fun while the hypothermia sets in!

When I have time in TerraFirmA, I'm particularly fond of tournaments (a.k.a. making TOAST), but I like fiendish quests too. The Terradome was the first adventure-type game I'd played since I was about fourteen and had a few BBC ones; I always wanted then to play ones where other real people were taking part (not just to kill them, honest).

An ancient acknowledgement...

Hello and thanks to everyone on TerraFirmA and the Terradome, especially everyone who helped me make Untouchable by putting up with all my questions (and my dots), including BabyGirl, Cyn, Ginger, Honey, Hydran, Lucas, Luckyspin, Lukie and Morr.

Firefly (right) aged about nine with best friend in France. (There you are Lucas I've put a picture in at last. You never said it had to be accurate.)

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