Ok, here comes my home page in case anyone is that interested to read it :)

My name in the world outside the warm shelter of Terradome (or TerraFirmA) is Jaroslav Losos, and yes, by the sound of it, I'm neither English or American, not even Danish. I was born on 29.3.1979 in PRAGUE, which is the capital of the Czech republic, the state in the heart of Europe. I've lived here all my life, and I don't think it will change in the near future. The date of birth makes me one of the youngest players on TD, but that will change in a few years, of course.

Now a bit of DESCRIPTION of myself, since that became a habit in home pages. I'm 191 cm tall, which should be 6' 3" in the format more familiar to most of you. I'm rather thin, have light brown eyes, and blond hair.


I still attend a high school, but I'll soon be out of it and hopefully at a Faculty of natural science, where I'd like to study biology, and chemistry (I can see you roll your eyes). These two subjects, therefore, also belong to my hobbies.



I shouldn't mention this first, because I haven't travelled much yet.. But if the conditions were different I'd travel a lot. I guess that's pretty the same with almost everyone - many people would travel if they could.
So far I've visited these places: Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Slovakia (formerly part of my country), England - only London, and U.S. - East coast from GA to NY.


Recently I've only been reading Terry Pratchett...First I read four books in Czech, then I found a bookshop with the original versions (which btw are here LESS expensive that in London, where they actually import them from!), so I read T.P. in English now.
Besides that I liked Frederic Pohl's Gateway series, and the rest of the books I've read were Czech ones, so it's not likely you'd know them. Basically I like Fantasy and Sci-fi, but I read plenty of books about things which materialist consider unreal and silly, but many people disagree with them...


Here I'll disappoint many people, because I don't like most of Rock, that is groups like Nirvana and similar. I prefer dance type of music, House, Techno, Jungle, Acid Jazz, Funky, and more than anything else Hip Hop, Trip Hop, and certain kind of Rap. I used to like Prodigy, until recently, Firestarter was ok, but Breathe is just too devilish for me. I like Transglobal Underground, Chemical Brothers, Leftfield, Portishead, Tricky, Coolio etc. Occassionally I like to listen to Brit Pop (Pulp, Oasis, Blur), although I dislike Beatles (don't mean to hurt anyone!). I can also stand most of dance Pop and Disco, only if it's not too commercial.


I'm not much of a TV fan, and although I regret it, I don't often go to cinema. I love british kind of sense of humour, that means I love Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson (including his Black Adder). I also like Star Trek (Full power to the shields, Mr. Worf#$%@ Sulu, we're going down! - I don't like the first generation :) ). Sometimes I watch Superman (Louis & Clark) out of sheer amazement at how silly a movie can be. It's not bad, but there are far too many logical 'bugs'. I don't think it's suitable for Europe's kind of mentality. I also like many Czech movies which were done in the communistic regime, because most of them are full of intelligent fun. To be honest, of all Czech movies done after the so-called Velvet Revolution in 1989, I can say I liked ONE! Among the disadvantages of the communistis regime, there were some advantages, but I won't run into details, for politics is one thing I don't like.


I don't understand them much, I do admit that, but I like to play some games at times - the best I like dungeons and adventures, some of my most favourite games are: Betrayal at Krondor (won in 2 weeks :) ), E.O.Beholder I and II (not III), Ultima Underworld I,II, Lands of Lore, Stonekeep, Monkey Island I,II, Discworld, MM2 - Day of the Tentacle etc. And of course I love to mud! I began in the middle of 1995, and for a year I had had a time quota of 1 hour a day put on me by the root of the Unix system I have my account on. As you can imagine, it wasn't easy to accom- plish anything in the game in that time. After that - in the middle of 96, they took off the quota, but there was a problem with paying the phone - - till then it had been for 2 Crowns (about 5 Pence) for unlimited time (but in my case limited by the quota), and since then it's much more expensive, it being now about 60 Pence an hour - and that in the lower tariff. When I get to a uni, I'll be free of such problems, hopefully.


Apart of the things every sensible person hates, like: damaging the environ- ment, violence, obscene jokes, and so on, I also dislike politics, things (cities, music, tv...) being full of commercial bullshits, overflowing advertising everywhere I look, and also ignorance... What I hate probably the most is racism, see my next point.


In my country, 99.99% of the population is white. I've felt a fancy to the black race since my childhood, so I'm black at least in the virtual life, that is on TD/TFA. Only a VERY few Czechs know more blackmen than I do, even though I know only about 40. I also know a blackman, who is married to a Japanese girl, and they're really happy together. No matter how I look at it, I can't see why I should feel anything bad to any other race, and I really get angry when I hear jokes about the Chinese, the Somalians, or the Jews. Technically speaking the discrimination of the Jews is not a racism, for they are of the same race as us, but it's as incomprehensible as racism as such. What I'm talking about here is not meant as an anti-racism speech, it's here only for you to get a picture of me ;)
Surprisingly I've never met a blackman on inet, or at least if I have, I didn't know. I wonder why is that from all U.S. and U.K., no blackmen come and mud *puzzle*... If you know about any, let me know, please :)

All right, those who made it to this line must be really tired, so let me finish quickly. I wish everyone a happy mudding, because happiness is what really matters ;)

And finally some greetings to those who make/made my life on TD/TF cool:

Gohl, BabyGirl, Cryogenius, Dios, Luckyspin, Firefly, Honey, Cyn, Bambi, Bliss, JustMe, Emu, Jenn (will I ever see her again?), Panda, Portia, Hydran, Etrimon, Zaphod, Lucas, Rewind, Alvyn, Scribe, Astar, Stace, Scheffy, Flipside, StGeorge, Klayson, Bluetonic, Volund, Mardi, Lister, Sickboy, Slicer, Emily, Moraine, Venice, Sophie... thanx to all of you!


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