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Well this is my web page, I hope you like the quotes, they will change reguarly, so you may want to check the updated lists from time to time. So I suppose I also need to say something about myself.

Classic Quotes by Terradome Untouchables.

'I'd rather talk to Jon than watch a woman undress' Astar
'We're in a gay bar aren't we?' Boogie
'Don't come any closer or I'll vomit' Gly
'Shmoo' Link
'I will rip your still beating heart from your chest' Daedelus
'She is just a GOOD FRIEND!' Vert
'Fun!' Moses
'I think Astar would look very good in drag, they have that blonde round look' Vardick
'The Terradome is stable, it never crashes.' Boogie
'I only like things covered in lard' Lukie
'I likie by mistake' Scooby
'I haven't mastered doing it through a mesh fence, yet' Daedelus
'I've often been partial to the name Sandra' Frodo
'I'm quite partial to a man in tights' Portia
'I don't bounce up and down I rock backwards and forwards' Astar
'Just tried messing with a part of myself I shouldn't have' Moses
'I moved it up and down the wall until it all dribbled out' Boogie
'Give me a black string vest and I'll sing to Take That' Astar
'I keep my mouth open' Vert
'sure is good old slowhand' Setanta
'How'd that feel, Daedelus?' Negrokin
'Any movement on the pants front?' Link
'Be careful where you're stroking' Gly
'I must hurt someone physically' Daedelus
'I'll keep my mouth open then....!' Vert
'I'll grip it in my teeth!' Daedelus
'suck it and see ....it lasts longer!' Setanta
'I've less chance of getting it' Turbo
(Dundee Utd Goal Mouth Miss) 'Flippin heck even Steven Hawkings could have put that in!' Boogie

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