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My name is Nick, I live in Oxford and study at Oxford Brookes University and am training to be a primary school teacher. I am presently working in a school in Blackbird Leys in Oxford working with 10 year olds. I am 22 and finished my degree in Geology a year ago. My home town is Nottingham where I lived for 18 years in a little village called Ruddington. I have just got myself a job working in a Primary School in Dry Sandford, Near Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Favourite band is Eden Burning, a local Indie band very much like the Waterboys, along with Genesis, Blur, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Queen, Eric Clapton, Sting and the Levellers. The best track must be 'Smilingly Home' by Eden Burning. Other favourite tracks are:- 'One Vision' Queen, 'Alive' Pearl Jam, 'Parklife' Blur, 'Omaha' Counting Crows, 'Easy Lover' Phil Collins. Radio stations must be Virgin and Atlantic 252.

My favourite meal must be Prawn cocktail, sirloin steak and raspberry pavalova. Sweets has to be jellybabies and fruit pastilles and the occassional licorice allsort. Alcoholic drinks it is only: Guinness, but I can be tempted by the occasional Budwieser, Grolsh, Oranjeboom, or Labatts Ice. And an Export from the tap often hits the mark. The rest of the time I am a coffee drinker, in large quantities as often as possible, this is the reason i am in the teaching proffession. A biscuit with a cup of coffee is prefered and if possible a garabaldi or Cafe Noir.

I am involved in a very 'unlucky' football side, who look set to win a long wooden stirring object, in which I play wherever they are short of a player. I run an amateur dramatics group called 'LoUDeR THaN WOrdS' in my local church.

I am a Christian and go to a local church in Oxford, it is really good, if you reckon there might be a God you ought to go along, they are not as dull as they used to be! I work with kids in playshchemes, holiday clubs etc. Have a great time playing football, tennis, hockey and being payed for it!

I am often seen in the Student Union bar, usually with other Terradome users, but there are usually a couple of people who don't play. Other favourite pubs are, the Britannia, Headington for the food and pool tables, the Troat, for memories, the Brewhouse for the perfect pint of guinness, the Antiquity Hall for the social scene and the Turf just to stay a student.

Life philosophy
'Life is a lunchbox and it's time for lunch'

I hold to this because I think life is too short, I don't want to miss out so I try to keep as busy as possible, there's a lot to eat in a lunchbox and if you're willing to try something new and open the lunchbox you might find out something new about yourself.

Mud Life
I try to seperate me (Nick) from Gly, however there is usually a fine line, so here's a few facts about my character, Gly.

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