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Hi! I think I had better start with my name. My name is Jimmy Wilson... (Thomas James Wilson if you want to be official). I'm studying computing at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. (Thats right, I spend all day on the Internet) Right now Im trying to Learn HTML so I can have my own web page. -- Not easy when using LYNX. *EEW* I think Ive got this text bit sussed now. way hey I can do Bold too ;)

Apart from being completely insane, I enjoy...

My ambition is to Complete my degree of computing, study more for a PHD or something, Marry my fiance Angie (Nirvana) and live happily ever after as a millionaire being content on TerraFirmA as an Untouchable writing quests and talking to strange individuals like myself.

Ok I think Ive taken up most of your time so ill finish up here. I you want to know more about me or just want a nosey...
my web page is at Http://

It's under construction while I'm learning this HTML but Im sure there will be something there. My bookmarks are there at least so have a look at them.

Im a complete E-mail Junkie so give me a mail at and say hello

bye for now, -Jimmy.

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