Welcome to Mardi's Page

NAME: Willie Stott...aka Mardi
EYES: Two..of course
HAIR: Short..Blonde
AGE : 18

They think its all over.....

YOU are now tresspassing on the page of MARDI THE IMMORTAL.

          MM  MM  MM     AA      AA     RR     RR      DD      DD        II  
          MM  MM  MM     AA      AA     RR    RR       DD      DD        II
          MM  MM  MM     AA      AA     RR   RR        DD      DD        II
          MM  MM  MM     AAAAAAAAAA     RR RR          DD      DD        II
          MM  MM  MM     AA      AA     RRRRRR         DD      DD        II
          MM  MM  MM     AA      AA     RR   RR        DD      DD        II
          MM  MM  MM     AA      AA     RR    RR       DDDDDDDDD      IIIIIIIII

You now have to choices....

  1. Keep reading....
  2. Enter Terrafirma....
For those of you who chose 2, I`ll see you in there.....
For those of you who chose 1, I`ll see you there once you read my page.....

Ok, if your still reading this...then HELLO!, if not then it doesnt matter...

Well time to tell you more about Mardi the Immortal i guess, here goes...


I was born on Dec 5th 1977, in a small city/big town, called Inverness. After an 18 month spell in England i moved to Dundee, 5 days before my second birthday, where i have resided ever since.I am now studying at Abertay Uni, which is in Dundee, for a degree course in anything....Tried Economics in year one, tried meaning im now resitting for something else.I am hoping to change to Retail and Distribution Management. I was introduced originally to Terradome 3 weeks before Easter 1996, following a four week absence due to holidays and lag problems i was soon back on the British site, Terrafirma.Where I have now completed all my quests.


I love to play/watch sport, particulary Golf
Another of my main loves is music, I like most forms of music, basically
anything with a good beat or good lyrics goes
I also love food, especially Spicy stuff and also Pastas'.
Also a bit daft on Football!


Not Much .......
Anyone who thinks they are better than they are and try and use their power to influence others
I also dislike Drugs, in any shape, size or form.
Also hate smoking...


Well they are all in the "likes" section above.....They are my hobbies because i like them....Otherwise i wouldnt do 'em....


Im 6ft2 and a bit, I have blonde hair which varies in length, i also have two brown eyes NOt much else to say really, except See you in TerraFirmA

I can e-mailed me at s95wks@river.tay.ac.uk

And remember....Its just a game!

..........It is now!

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