Hi there! Nice to see that you can be bothered to take the time to read this homepage; Well, I can't promise that you will find it interesting, but you never know. So, read on! :)

Personal Datafile : Mav

Name : Leighton E. Jukes Height : 6'0"
Age : 20 Weight : 15 stones
DOB : 29th April 1976 Hair : Sandy Blonde
Town : Dudley, West Midlands Eyes : Green

Well, I guess that that is that (there's a lot of use of the word that there) regarding THAT bit of my homepage. :)

Well, my lifes' been quite interesting up until this point...but the question is, do you want to know more about it? If so, click here. :)

If you want read a novelette about my Terra escapades, click here. :)

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