The Life and Times of Leighton E. Jukes

Amazing...people want to know more about me? That's a first! :)

Let's see...I was born in a little town known as Wordsley, in the West Midlands, and I have lived in a village called Gornal Wood (only 3 miles away) all my life, well, at least up until this point. :)

Having been born (surprisingly enough), it was made known to my parents that my left foot was backwards (it's the right way around now) and that the Doctors thought I had it was a good start in life that I had. Oh, I forgot to mention that I had a hearing problem too...gromits soon sorted that out though! At last I achieved the status of a normal human being.

Well, sort of. Basically, my mum insisted that she cut my hair when I was you know what the 2nd World War Nazi helmets look like? Basically, hy hairstyle back then looked like that! It went nice with my blue anorak though. I'm happy to say that I don't wear anoraks any more. :) School time came, and all through my school life, although I consistently attained good grades, I often found myself being bullied rather, as you can no doubt imagine, I had a wonderful childhood. :)

College proved to be generally uninteresting as regards to work, but still, I saw some of the world (skiing in Austria, for example) and met a lot of nice people, whom sadly I have lost touch with at the a sense. Basically, I don't see them very often. This is something I shall have to sort out!

Then came University...access to the Internet...big mistake. :) University is progressing much the same as college did (I'm at Coventry University btw) I'm pretty much mudding and whatnot, amongst going to the gym, playing footy and getting rather wrecked! :) That's the trouble with alcohol; it's so costly it's unbelievable! I mean, 2.95 for a bottle of Metz in a nightclub...Bah!

Right - there's plenty more to tell about my life, but not stuff I wish to be revealed in this homepage due to reasons of personal security and also the fact that I don't know who's reading this... :) So therefore, you'll just have to speak to me personally in order to find out. :)

I would have included a photo, but unfortunately I don't have one scanned at the moment, so you'll just have to wait. :)

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