The Adventures of Mav in the lands of TerraFirmA

It all started one sunny day when I was bored back in the summer of 96 that I really started to get into TerraFirma...and so I found myself sucked inexorably into the void that divides reality from the surreal fantasy...

I found myself lost, not knowing where I was in this strange new land... forests, castles, deserts, mountains and towns bestowed upon my eyes in the landscape before me...and then I became noticed, singled out by the powers that be in the great land and given the impossible quest :

A sweet, but forceful voice resounded through the portal... "Mortal! Thou have entered the realm of TerraFirmA. We require a quest from you for this intrusion!"

"What do you require of me?" I replied, wondering what was happening.

"Thou are charged with the quest of becoming an Untouchable! Be on your way, foul creature, for time is of the essence. Journey through these lands and find the equipment thou shalt find necessary to complete this task. But beware; dark creatures roam this thou back at all times...never carelessly wander into danger. Good luck........" The voice faded.

And thus the quest began. Wandering off down a dirt track, I found myself journeying throughout the lands, trying so much to complete the seemingly impossible quest set me, destroying foul creatures on almost every step of the great journey, restoring the forest to the Elves that requested my help, rescuing people from the likes of the evil Shredder, and finally, discovering the great Oracle that held the power of the Evil Eye; the main force behind all wrong doings in the land.

It was a terrible struggle. I was assailed from all sides as I stormed the great Oracle in the desert; men, both living and long dead set upon me as I slowly progressed through the arduous task of transporting the 'Only One' to the fiery crater beneath the Oracle. Many a time I thought I was a goner, but each and every time I managed to win them over, finally emerging as a ragged figure into the raging sunset, covered in wounds.

Many hours later, I awoke, to find myself in the arms of a beautiful woman. The conversation that passed between us remains engraved in my mind for all eternity.

"Where am I?" I said, waking up from a deep slumber.

"Hello there, stranger. I found thou in the desert, unconscious. Art thou feeling better?"

Looking around, I saw this stunning woman cradling me in her arms, her mere aurora protecting me, healing my wounds.

"I'm feeling a lot better, thank you." I smiled.

"Good, Good. Thou are doing well, Mav...very well. Your quest is almost complete."

"You? I remember that voice! You spoke to me in the portal!"

"That is correct, Mav. That is correct. I am your guide through these lands. My name is Arantxa."

"Arantxa?" I whispered, my throat dry. "I am truly close to the end of my quest to become an Untouchable?"

"Yes, my child, that thou are. Only three tasks remain for thou to do. Thou are required to save the Clockmakers' livelihood, rescue the children of Hamelin, and to help the villagers of Skara Brae make fire."

"How shall I do that?" I asked.

Arantxa smiled. "Mav, my boy, thou know that it is against the code of the Untouchables to help our subjects complete their quests. Head north, and find the Warm Haven Inn; thou may find a friend in the bard. That is all I can tell thou. God speed."

And with that she vanished, shimmering in the dawn light.

It was many weeks later, after a lot of travelling and fighting that I saw Arantxa again, whilst resting from the festivities in Hamelin; the townsfolk were overjoyed that I had managed to rescue their children.

"Congratulations, Mav. Thou hath completed the tasks required of you. Come with me, and thou shalt be my apprentice, where thou shalt be trained up to join the ranks of the Untouchables. Well done," said Arantxa.

Suddenly, I felt this irresistable force tugging me, beckoning me to follow. Gradually I reached up, and took hold of Arantxas' hand...and then I vanished, travelling upon the long journey to the heavens; to the realm of the Untouchables.

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