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I have arrived! I AM HERE! Give me a round of applause, you know I deserve it. Thats right people. It's me! Your's truely has arrived. The MindFlayer. Coming up in a few minutes, some stuff about me. I shall reveal all! Let's hear it people. Oooooooooh! >:-) On second thoughts I better not reveal all, as I am still waiting for result of my court case when I last revealed all. Aparently, the woman who I revealed all to is still receiving therapy.

I am at this moment, what's known as a Wizard (You know, Ye Olde Wise One). In other words, I've made it to the top. Us wizards have a difficult job. Not only are we supposed to keep the game running, we also have to be there for players who have problems. That's right boys and girls, we are Counseling Wizards!  

I was asked to write this page (How nice! I'm flattered!) Infact the boss of the place asked if I would kindly write a page about me. Well words to that affect, but I got the message. As luck would have it, I happen to know quite a few things about me. So I was well qualified.

So children, here is a page about me...



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you! Thank you. I'd like to thank me, and me, and the other guy I've forgotten. Oh Yes! Me! I'm well impressed myself.

And now, the story starts. How did I come to play on this game? Read on, and find out.



Two players in my Uni, Amorphis and Pushkin were having bad luck in the game. The problem was that they kept wondering into death rooms. Now, wouldn't it be nice if someone was to log on and wonder around the playing arena to find out death rooms?

That's where I came in.

Yes people, you are looking at a former room tester. This explained why I kept dying all the time. I wasn't too happy at dying all the time, and I started to play proper. So here I am, finally writing a page for the game. WOOP-PEEE! >:-)


As you can tell with my writing, I am a happy sort of person. I wouldn't say I am someone who keeps smiling all the time. Especially in the mornings. I am not a morning person. When I switch on the morning breakfast television and I see people grinning and chirpy, I just want to slap them one as I am not that chirpy in the mornings.

I'm a straight talking, no nonsense type of person. I like to get my work done first and then relax, NOT the other way round. So, here is a little info about yours truely.

Now for what other people think of me on the game. I've been called sarcastic, a poser and an all round pain in the butt. You see, I can live with that. I think that if you REALLY want to know what I'm like, you should really get to know me. Otherwise you will never know. Ladies and Gentleman, you have met:



Did you know (actually, who gives a toss?) that you go through about 4 stages in sleep. Three of them are numbered 1,2,3, and the other one is called REM. This is where you dream.

Did you know that? I didn't. Isn't it amazing what you can learn in an exam? Actually, it was one of those English test, where you had to read some text and answer questions on them. I just thought I should write that, incase someone asked you what you learned at university or what you did at work.

More important facts that I was informed of:



I didn't really know what name to use on here. I had some ideas and discussed them with a few people. They said that if I used the names that I was thinking of, they'll disown me. I needed a name that was kind of cool.

Some names I had in mind was Smilie or MrCool. I agree, MrCool is pretty sad and I didn't want to be known as MrCool.

At the time I was thinking of a new name, I was in university. Part of the course was a group project. You know the stuff, working in groups, writing reports and meetings. My group which consisted on eight people, made a special meeting to think of a new name I could use in this game. There we were, eight of us sitting there going through different names. Finally, the group came up with MindFlayer.

I didn't know what a MindFlayer was. Aparently, it is an alien. The picture in the background shows what a MindFlayer looks like.



Look, you gotta enjoy your life and be happy. There should not be a place for regrets and being miserable. OK things didn't work out this time. You should put the past in the past and make sure that you are happy. You should loosen up a bit and enjoy life more, as you won't get a second chance.


Now the bit you've all been waiting for, my thank you list. I like to think that I errrr, I mean I errrr... I've forgotten... Arrrrrrgh!

Ahh! I remember! I like to to think that I have a very good memory, so if you find yourself on my thank you list and you don't remember what for then trust me. I know what I'm talking about. Most of the people on the list haven't been seen on the mud for years, but they have to be mentioned.

Drum roll, tissues at the ready and start crying. It's time for my epic thank you list, and it is really an epic thank you list.

Remember it is not the size of the list that counts, it's what you do with it!

You can stop crying.


My general advice is not to take the game seriously. You might have a bad day, die about 100 times in ten minutes and lose levels. But you got to remember that this is ONLY a game.

Remember that WORK comes first and you should only play the game when you've completed all the work you have to do. This game will always be here, so there is no hurry to become an wizard. It takes most people four months to become a wizard. It took me 10 months. Now thats called taking your time.

So theres proof that there is no hurry to become a wizard. So take things easy and you'll be fine.

You are reading, the one, and only...



Before I wrap up, here are some link pages.

Ladies and Gentleman, this is where we part company. Until the next time, it's...


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