Morr's Life (or Death)

The life and times of a man called Morr...

Late one cold winters day, a newbie stepped into the world of terradome. After walking round genesis he set off on his quest, to become.....IMMORTAL!
Yes that's right, I was that player.
In four months of intensive playing he reached his goal, and rose to the rank of apprentice. Finally reaching Counsel two weeks later. His life was complete.
Now look at me, I'm Stalwart !!
So that's the silly introduction over with, down to the gritty facts about me.

My name was changed to protect... er, me

My name (Morr, for those with very poor memories) comes from a role-play game called Warhammer Fantasy Role-play. He is the god of Death and the god who almost all my characters follow.

The Facts.

Real Name: Peter Sidaway (Nick-named The Reaper)
Location: York University studying Maths
Non-term time location: Derby
Personal Description:
I'm male (obviously) of average height and build. Dark eyes and hair and pale skin. I'm always seen wearing black clothes, hence my nickname, Reaper.
My Interests:
My main other interest is Role-play. I play many systems, but like story teller ones most(like Vampire and Werewolf). Although I also do Warhammer fantasy role-play, AD&D, and lots more systems too.
I also do table top war games using the Warhammer 40,000 game. I have an Imperial Guard and Chaos army (not that this means anything to most people)
Another hobby of mine is a game called Magic: The gathering. I card based came which involves collecting your own set of the cards.
My other spare time activity is DJ'ing on the university radio station(URY).
Red dwarf
Aliens (the film)
The X-men (cool comic magazine)
Dance Music
Snooker on TV(especially in Black & White)
Opera music
Maths (problem with my Degree there)
My pets: 3 cats; Musty, Tanger and Cinni
Current Goal:To finish the zone I am writing jointly with Portia, and boy is it going to be hard.
Thought for the Day:They said Smile it could be worse, I was?

A Couple of Links for You

My Other Homepage
A selection of Gifs
A Cool Card Index for those of you who play Magic: The Gathering.

Well that's my home page other with, now go and run on the dome....and DO SOME QUESTS

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