The Dark-One

Hello. (Well its always polite to greet someone when you first meet them... No of course)

My name as you probably know I is Negrokin. Recently I have just become a Apprentice (*cheeringinthebackground*) and will (*hopefully*) make it to the supreme exhulted state of Untouchable.

I have been forced (They held a gun to my head I had no choice ...) asked to write this page and to tell you a little bit about myself, why anyone would want to know anything about me is beyond me.

Firstly lets get a few things straight, My name Negrokin means (Negro = black OR dark in latin based languages - I choose it to mean DARK) and (kin = well kin is your group of people {your kin folk..ect.} and I chose it to mean that) thus if you put the two together you get Negrokin as in One of the Dark-Kind. Ok so I am NOT black, I am a caucasian or European.

In real life I have diffrent name (surprise surprise). At the moment I can be found in the University of Surrey where I am doing a Bsc in Materials Scince and Enginnering. I live in Portugal, in a little village just south of another small village. Yes this dose mean that I am a Portuguese citizen (Hey we all have our problems :-))

Discription of little old me :-)

Age : 22 (and a bit)

Hight : 1.85 m (YES I am a Beliver of metric)

Wieght : 83 Kg (No dont ask me to convert it to Emperical - though Portia (Terri) says it's just over 13 stone)

Hair : Yes I have some and its dark brown and usually cut short.

Eyes : Yes I have a pair, both work (last time I checked) and the are Hazel in colour.

Gender : I am male.

Distinguishing Features : Can not spell to save own life (My spelling circuitry blew up when I was small, and I have not yet replaced it *oh well*)

Characteristics : Am generally very vauge and secretive about self. I will not send you, or put a picture of me in, because I do not like cameras and react very violently towards people wielding them.

Background to little old me :)

Well its a very long complicated story - I know you dont really want to know, so I will not bore you to tears with it. Is I not the nicest *Evulgrin*.

Intrests and Hobbies of little old me :)


Well I love all and most Sci Fiction and Fantasy (There are and will always be exceptions). To name a few authors I like Terry Pratchet, Niel Gaiman, Raymond E Feist, J.R.R. Tolkien, Margret Wise, ..... (I could go on and on and on but I am Nice, so I wont!).
I also like serious books, my favourite bieng that of Alvin Toffler (Future Shock, The Third Wave, Powershift and War and Antiwar). Read them some time, they are really interesting :>. I also like comic books, Calvin and Hobbes, Batman (the Joker mainly), and the ever famous X-Men (more like X-Madmen these days).


Well here we have a problem because alot of Sci Fiction and Fantasy films are usually very badly made, thus I like the 'Classics' - Star Wars, Star Trek (Except the new generation they really *notgood*), Battlestar Galactica, The Highlander, Some Thing Is Out There, Bladerunner, Alien (I and II have not made up my mind about III), you get the general trend.
I also like other more serrious movies like Citizen Kane, Nikita (Luc Besson *thumbsup*), Spaceballs, Natural Born Killers, Bugs Bunny and Tiny Toons, Pulp Fiction (I ALSO HAVE NOT YET SEEN IT :-(. ), ... you get the picture.
Just to be sane I also like Manga or Anime movies, my current favourites bieng Wicked City and Warriors of the Wind.


I love rock and roll, through alternative, all the way to heavy metal. Genrally I will like any music that requires skill, talent, blood, sweat and tears to create and I will NOT like music that I can get a friend to make on his Apple Mac in five minutes.
Thus I Love METALLICA (There are the god's of Metal), G n R, Queen, The Cult, Sisters of Mercy, U2, Bach, Pearl Jam, Van Hallen, Areosmith, Motzard, Prince, get the idea.

And to End with a Quote or Two

Its taking a page out of Daedelus's book (Hope fully He wont be upset and ZAP me, but then again you can only get Zaped once *grin*)


Finaly I would Like to Thank...

I would Like to thank my mother, my sister for that time when I was ........

Ok, just kidding.

I would like to Thank DAEDELUS (for every thing he has done Directly and Indirectly), GLY (Ditto), Portia (For help with this page), Nuff, Gizma, and to all those other people who were there and helped me out (YOU know who you are).



Now get back to you lives .... well.... what you waiting for...... GO.

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