My real name is Angie, I was born in 1976. I studied computing at Abertay (in between pub crawls). I now work for a charity I set up providing IT Services for charities (i.e. doing web sites, IT Training and stuff). I've been engaged to Jimmy (Lister) for ages. No date set yet, we'll probably sneak off somewhere quiet and avoid all the hassle. *prays that Jimmy's mum doesn't read this*

When I'm not on TerraFirmA I'll most likely be in a pub playing pool badly - although unlike Jimmy I've not smashed anyone's pint glass yet. When I get the chance I like trying out adventure sports like Parachuting, Abseiling, Gliding etc. These things tend to be a bit expensive so I usually settle for a game of Tennis or Squash.


I first logged on to what was then the TerraDome at the end of my 1st year at Uni back in 1995. I chose the name Nirvana because they are one of my favourite bands and I thought it was a cool name. When I found TerraDome, it was the most advanced Aber style MUD around, and had a great atmosphere. I've been around for a long time, surviving host changes (nearly misplaced the MUD on at least 2 occasions!) bad lag (TerraDome was in Denmark - France decided to upgrade their network and screw up UK connections), lots of death rooms and tonnes of other deaths - it was all the lag's fault, honest guv ;)

It took me 2 years to get to apprentice and that was when there where only 12 levels and credits were only used to buy things! Like I said - it was the lag's fault and the parser never understood the instructions the way I typed them ;)

Anyway, I've reached Advisor on TerraFirmA now and am proud to be involved in the continuing evolution of my favourite MUD. Thanks to all those who helped me get there.

Most Embarrassing Death

I used to be a really bad runner - could never find anything more powerful than the Nibelung fork to wield and Lister used to always beat me to it! One day by some miracle I came across two fatal weapons in one day. It felt great until the Harbour seagull nicked my blade and beat the crap out of me!

Advice to Runners