OBI = Piotr Przybylek

Right, my name is Peter or if you prefer polish version Piotr, nickname Obi. I am a student of BEng 4 Electronic & Information Engineering in University of Huddersfield. But I'm in England only for one year :( because of my TEMPUS program scholarship...

OK, you can know now what I'm interested in, and what I look like, or just read my hints for Terradome players.. :) which I wrote after reading Daedelus hints. You can find some cool links here.

What am I doing in England?

First of all I'm studying here. Second, I'm still trying to improve my English, which is terrible as you can see. Third, I'm enjoying England :).

And of course I'm trying to do all of that playing Terradome!

The picture right here is taken from the Terradome.. or one of the future version of it.. really i don't remember when it was done :)


My photograph


Here's some of my favourite films, books, authors, games, muds, music, etc.:

So you know now that I love SF. But I'm crazy about computers too. That means all, from computer games, music, graphics, animation to programming.

I like to write programs in Borland Pascal, which I think is almost as good as Borland C/C++. And with a few assembler routines and external graphics libraries can be better (faster and smaller code) than C programs. Really! Maybe I'm not as good a C-programmer as a Pascal one but I think I have right.. sometimes.. I think so..

Now I just finished work on Terradome Zone Tester program (YES it is working!) version 1.06 (the latest one). My own zone is ALMOST finished too and I hope it will appear on the test mud soon.. New version of TZT probably will be available too.. so watch the untouchable ftp site for it!

Even more hints for mortals - now from OBI!

Daedelus hints are gone but i will keep these.. although they are not as good..

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