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About Me

My name is Andy J. Dix. I'm 26 years old, and come from Tenby in West Wales, U.K. (and yes, I have heard the one about the sheep and the wellies!!!!!!).

I have deep blue eyes and dark hair which is starting to go on walk-about from my head *cower*. I'm 5 foot 8 small and weigh about 12 stone.

I have a tattoo of a wolf on my left upper arm (see below).

You can email me at

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What I Do

Until recently, I was a member of H. M. armed forces. I spent 6 years of my life as a Royal Engineer. The last two years of that time was spent as a bomb disposal technician. All this was cut short after a skiing accident which resulted in me needing 6 knee operations. As a result, I now have a series of carbon-fibre ligaments in my right knee.

In September 1994 I decided it was time to consider going back into education. So I enrolled on a H.N.D in Business Information Technology. *yawn*. I am currently enrolled at the University of Glamorgan, but carry out my studies at Pembrokeshire College in Haverfordwest.

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When NOT at Work

When not working exceedingly hard (*rofl*) I relax by playing electric guitar and generally chilling out :) My other interests include playing golf (only in the summer) and I TRY to get down the gym a few times a week (with try being the operative word ;)

If I'm not on the game and not down at the gym, that leaves just one place (*grin*) THE PUB. Oh yes, like all good students I spend a lot of time down at the local watering hole (and why not?? It beats going to lectures ;)

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All the Other Stuff

So Why Am I Called Panda?

Well the reason I acquired this strange nickname is that one day while playing cricket (back in the days when both legs worked) I got hit on the nose with a cricket ball. As a result, two black eyes soon appeared. My girlfriend quickly picked up on the fact that I looked just like a Panda, and the name stuck. As a result, if you see me in the pub and call me Andy it's probable I won't even answer ya as everyone I know calls me either Panda, Pands or Pandy *grin*.

How Did I Get Pulled Into Terradome?

It all started with a copy of Internet & Comms Today. I picked it up and found an article about the dome. After reading it, I decided to give it a go.

I still remember my first log in way back in August 1995. I came across 2 players and proceeded to bombard them with questions.

Then I came across a new wizard who took me to one side and took a few hours to answer all my questions. This player was BabyGirl. And from that minute on I was hooked.

I Would Like To Thank The Following People

BabyGirl...for making my introduction to the world of Terradome so painless.

A Big Hello To Bambi & Cyn.

Here's a photo of Me with BabyGirl and Sophie from the game (41k).

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Last modified: May 1997

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