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Raistlins farewell , Raistlin and the liveones , Raistlin and Crysania

About me

Well my real name is Chris and I live in Stockport (near Manchester) With my wife Anita and Son Joshua. I have lived there all my life apart from 3 years when I was living in Boring Ipswich.

What do I do ? Well I was studying Software Engineering At University College Salford but I quit to find a job. I don't know what kind of job yet I am still looking

My likes

Films - Aliens Trilogy ,Terminator 1 & 2 ,The Crow and Platoon
T-V - Red Dwarf (sooo funny) ER, X-files, StarTrek and Friends to name a few
Books - All of James Herbert's books and The Dragon Lance novels
Spare Time - I like playing football and of course I am always on TerraFirmA
Drink - Any kind of Lager

My Dislikes

Films - Any Australian rubbish ( No offence to anyone in particular I just don't like Australian films)
T. V - Australian Soaps (They make me sick ) Detective Dramas (They are so Boring)
Food - I hate Italian Food
Well that is enough about me

My Character Rastalin

Rastalin is from the Dragonlance Novels (I know I have spelt it wrong It should be Raistlin-but I like my Spelling OK ). He is the wizard who wants to become a god and he is really cool. If you have never read the Dragon Lance novels by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman them do They are really good Rastalin is a very intelligent and cunning wizard, who after doing the test of wizards was left virtually crippled and his skin was tinted gold and also his eyes were changed to hour glasses so he could see only death and decay. He has a brother Caramon Who is a strong warrior. If you want to know more then read the books.

Me on TerraFirmA

I spend I a lot of time killing mobiles when I am not killing I am usually talking to some great friends there Like Bambi , Dios , Cryogenius , Bluetonic , Bliss, Gyre , Nirvana if I have left anyone out sorry Oh and there is the untouchables who I have pestered loads of times they are Luckyspin , Cyn , BabyGirl , Honey , Lucas , Lukie , Mindflayer and Hydran. Thanks for being so patient with me you guys.

I like to think that I am helpful in some ways so if you have a problem on TerraFirmA then do ask me and I will try to help you

A Few Links

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