Ronan's alter ego: Realname: Steve Country of origin: Canada Real age: Born on Centennial Year ( you do the math ) Real hair: yes, light brown Real eyes: hazel ( both ) Real height: 5' 9" Real brain: one available ( some assembly required ) The likes and don't likes: Food likes: Cabbage rolls, BBQ anything, roast turkey, seafood (any seafood that's NOT raw) and riz-almond Food dislikes: Shredded coconut ( it doesn't go down well) and cream of mushroom soup cold from the can (tastes disgusting) Music likes: RUSH, Peter Gabriel, most alt music, Motorhead's 1916, Peaches, and listening to a GOOD piper! Music dislikes: Rap, big band ( due to playing 4 hours of it once) Movie likes: Action and comedies are big winners with me and I will watch any B-rated movie, once anyway! Anything with Linda Hamelton in it ( I gotta get over that girl!) Movie dislikes: Any movie I can figure the end of inside of 20 minutes of late that would include The 12 Monkeys. And high on this list of dislikes are people continuously asking what is going to happen next!! TV likes: Pinky and the Brain, The Simpsons, Third Rock, Pingu, X-Files, and anything on the History Channel TV dislikes: Cop dramas ( dunno why just don't like 'em) Sports likes: Floor hockey, curling, golf, softball Sports dislikes: Anything I am told I must participate in Generally speaking: Generally I am an easy-going guy and not much gets me frazzled, except anything that smacks of avoidable stupidity. I love running into waves at the beach, going on courses out of town, teaching and beer calls ( man do I love a beer call!). I am afflicted with curiosity, I simply must know how things work. I have been known to strip things down to nothing but gears and wires to figure them out. I discovered electricity at the tender age of four when I stuck my saliva soaked fingers into a lamp socket and turned the light on ( hmmmmmm possible connection to current personality traits?) What I do to pay the bills: I am an electronics tech with the Canadian Forces, and yes I am enlisted. What do I fix? Does it have electronics? Does it need batteries or plug into a wall socket? Then I will take a look at it! Most stuff that comes across my workbench is radio, audio/visual ( including VCRs and TVs), some telephone and power supply equipment. Two paycheques are better then one so I work part-time at the Club100 ( the bar on base ) spinning plastic. Most of the time it's for weddings or anniversaries but there are the wild parties too! How the heck did I end up in North Bay? I am currently stationed in North Bay Ontario a small town about four hours north of Toronto. Originally from the Ottawa area, I completed a science program at college then went back a year later in electronics technology. During these "learning years" I was enlisted as a combat engineer in the Canadian Forces reserves. I didn't quite finish the three years in electronics when I joined the regular Forces. I spent a year in the military school of electronics in Kingston ( yawn ) and then got posted here ... that was in 1991! My next posting looks like Nova Scotia or Manitoba. Ronan's life: Ronan began as "guest" and two days later was born as Ronan in early February 1996. About the same time Slicer joined the TerraDome and together we ran like crazed maniacs for six weeks. Around mid March I began to fade from the Dome ( another addiction took hold.. ekkk!). I resurfaced at the beginning of October 1997 ( sheeeezzz a year and a half!). It was about 2:45am , just finished working and had not just a couple beers (some blurry vision at this point!), got curious, installed a mudclient ( barely installed) and "clambered to my feet". Ronan then began to climb back up the ranks. Ironically Slicer made a return about the same time! The fun started all over again as we raced each other to the top! The Thank You list:
Special Thanks to:
Luckyspin Thanks for creating the world in which we all met. I may have been somewhat saddened at 2:45am had there been no such place anymore!
BabyGirl Big hugs and kisses here! Sorry for the fading off and for that small appearance in fall of '96! You were always on when I was all those late late nights, thank you!
Thanks goes out to:
Bambi and Bliss Hugs for those times when I needed it and Lord knows it ain't often but when it does I am usually in quite the pickle.
Vardick Hifive for providing some semi-sober "party" chat, and a heads up on the power of a japaneseswinger! Holy moly !
StGeorge Another hifive, thanks for helping me to stop and think about how things work and giving me and Slicer some fun!
Thanks also goes to:
Everyone who has made Firma life what it is for Ronan: Cyn, Lucas, Zaphod, Rastalin, Firefly, Nirvana, Dios, and all the present Court and Clave and also all the Untouchables and players from the Dome most of whom I sadly cannot remember but to which I wish to extend a thank you.
Second Last but not least:
Cub For being there when really you should have been sleeping you ADDICT! Hugs and kisses for the late nights, the chat and just being a good friend, may there be many more late nights!
And Finally:
Slicer A huge thanks here for the side splitting great times we had both on the Dome and on Firma. For all the middle-of-the-night-in-the-dead-of-winter trips to the shop. For all the quests we ran together. For the riz-almond!!! ( yummmmy!). May there never be an end to the good times!
Some final notes on things you may have heard me say on Terra: "Millions of peaches, peaches for me!" This is from the days of the Dome when I just could not get that song outta my head. "Hear that?" This comes from a beer jingle that I modified to suit a game I was playing at the time. "Just here for a sec" Always saying this cause I just gotta get on when I can even for a second! "Ok gotta go now" ( or something similar) Lies all lies! I never HAVE to go now, but it usually means one of two things a) work, being AWOL is fairly frowned upon!, and b) just too bloody tired to focus anymore. "Gee that room doesn't sound to deadly, sounds kinda interesting" This is usually said to myself and almost always shortly prior to a visit to Silicon Heaven! "But I just couldn't help it" Usually said to Cub shortly after my trip to Silicon Heaven! Right Cub? In parting: This has been a glimpse of Ronan's alter ego, brought to you by this same alter ego. And if you are looking for Ronan, you know he just might be on Firma as you read!!

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