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Photos from Southampton

These are photos from the TerraFirmA meet in Southampton (as written by Robert).
At Ali's
A group of people getting burgers from Ali's, the finest burger seller in the Known Universe. From left to right : Jodi, Onion, Qwerty, Dale, Wilf, Ruth, Stencil, Twiglet.
Qwerty and Stencil
Qwerty (left) and Stencil (right). Qwerty is demonstrating that he is an Alien.
Lots of People
From left to right : Onion, Ruth, Qwerty, Jodi, Dale, Wilf.
Galena and Aeila
Galena (left), and Aeila (right).
Bingo and Galena
Bingo (left), and Galena (right).