Hi, welcome to the Dragon's Den, my web page in hallowed TerraFirmA. Here you'll find a little bit about me, some photos, and the typical list of TF people.

In real life I'm normally referred to as "Andrew", "hey you", or "bastard". I live in London where I have a little house off Clapham Common. Feel free to come round for a drink cos there are LOADS of cool bars about the place.

I've been traipsing about on MUDs since 1995 when Crienna introduced me to the now-sadly-departed-but-wonderful Terradome. When TF was created, I came here, and apart from a little break after I graduated from Cardiff, I've been here ever since.

AAAAAAARRGH. Ignore the above cos it's just not true anymore. I have a new job with Mars in Berkshire and I'm moving out of Clapham Common. Tho I still own my house there so I hope to be back some day. In the meantime I won't have an Internet connection for the next few months as I find somewhere new to live and get settled into the new job.


Roll up, roll up. Welcome one and all to the great StG Match Game. See amazing pictures and win fantastic prizes. Just press the button below, spin that wheel, and go for it!
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A graduate of Cardiff University (which is in Wales, for any Americans reading this), I found that many Welsh friends out of their principality miss their lovely loyal sheep, so as a public service to them and other sheep sympathisers I've placed an amazing Sheep right here on the page for you to enjoy. Just click on one of them to download the program, and once you've got it, unzip and run it! And like the best Welsh fields you can have several sheep at once!

The following people on TerraFirmA make my life interesting in a weird, unexplainable sort of way. If you're not here I can only say that some sort of dirigible enhanced alien life form must have deleted your name for some spooky reason or other.
BabyGirl (who I married on the Terradome); Bey; Crienna (who brought me into the light); Dios (the Destroyer... trust me, I've spent time with him); JustMe (my MUD mother); Lucas (the one true lord of love); Scotxray (my MUD brother); Scully; Valley (someone I was engaged to once on TF); Wildthing (someone I was married to once on TF).

Last modified: February 1998

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