Vert, better known as Rich Green

Just dying to know more about the guy behind the persona then? Tough, here goes anyway... In the theme of that totally annoying game that nobody seems to be able to answer, even when sober, Trivial Pursuits... Now including "interesting" hyper-links!


The name's Rich Green and I'm a Manufacturing Engineering student at Birmingham Uni (yeah, yeah, well we all make mistakes). I've been "playing" Terradome for far too long now and I'm sure most of you will have met me at one time or another. By the way, my birthday's the 5th. of December, all presents received will result in instant promotion :-). As for what I look like, well I'll probably get around to including some more pictures here soon(ish)...
Here's something to be going on with...

Baby Photo


Out of term I go home to the Wirral, that small bit that sticks out on the other side of the Mersey from Liverpool. I guess I've been pretty lucky and travelled quite a bit in my 20 years, places I've visited and go if you get the chance: San Francisco, Houston, Cozumel (a teeny island off Mexico), The Cote Sauvage in France, The Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen, Liverpool and Scotland. Avoid Wales, it's always rained every time I've been. ;-)

Sport and Leisure

Well there's football, coming from where I do there's only really two choices, so I'm a part-time supporter for both. I live about a mile from Prenton Park, where Tranmere Rovers play and just over the water is Liverpool FC.
When I get the chance I enjoy playing hockey (badly), and recently I've been talked into going swimming and playing badminton again. I guess top of the list of my favourite leisure "activities" has got to be my friends... ahhhhhh, puke. Whether it's going out and getting rat-arsed, quiet nights in, a kick-around in the park or chatting with the other insomniacs on the 'Dome, you can't do better than mates... you knows whos you are ;-).
A couple of years ago I used to play clarinet in the Wirral Schools Concert Band, which was pretty excellent. Touring with the band accounts for most of that travel mentioned above. From time to time I try to play the clarinet still, occasionally in the university wind band. I'd also play sax, if I still had one...:-(


Follows on pretty closely from the above and so has to include drinking. Current favourites are Carlsberg Ice, Southern Comfort and of course my home brew! As far as music goes there isn't much I can't stand, stuff I tend to listen to has included: (Acid) jazz, Us3, Enigma, Gin blossoms, Counting Crows and Seal amongst others.
Then of course there's the Terradome, which wastes far too much of my time. Just a bad habit I can't seem to kick :-)
Just to waste a little more time, why not check out a site full of British Comedy stuff? And if you thought you were safe from the likes of HollyOaks and other such dire soaps, have a look at The Spot.

Arts and Literature

Well, I grew up with a regular dose of J.R.R. Tolkien books, whilst the other kids were drawing mum and dad I was drawing hobbits :-). These days I read most of Terry Pratchett's books as they come out. Wierd Science and Ferris Bewler's Day Off are probably the most over played videos in our flat, don't ask me why but they always seem to get played after a night at the pub. I've finally got round to seeing Pulp Fiction, on video admitedly, but it's well worth watching, and the soundtrack's superb.

Click me for Pulp Fiction

Science and Nature

Hmm, well this Trivial Pursuits idea seems to be running out of steam at this category... I guess the cultivation of yeast organisms in the gallon of home-brew Peach Schnapps that my flat mates and I have got going in our kitchen counts as nature. And perhaps these wonderful Web pages themselves count as Science?


The only pieces of advice (sod these lists of ten tips for players etc.) I'm going to offer on this page are: "Take it easy" and "All in moderation". Terradome and other such games really should carry a government health warning for people like me who would rather do anything other than that which really needs doing ;-). So remember: the game is still going to be there in an hour/day/week/term...

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