WARNING : This web page is disordered in an ironic comment about structure (or due to lazyness, your choice).

A brief description of my wonderful self:

1) Modest

2) Tall, dark, handsome.

3) Pathological liar

Now, seriously,

I'm about 5'10" tall and I'm quite lightly built. I have difficult hair, blueish eyes and dull dress sense. All together not much to look at. I suppose you could call me trustworthy and reliable (if you commonly wear a straight jacket) and I seem to be quite good at lying (don't ask me why).

I fancy myself as an occasional poet and author, so if you want to be tortured, ask for a sample.

I "study" at Imperial College, London, foolishly having chosen Chemistry. I spend a reasonable amount of time on TerraFirmA, a factor which may have contributed to my only just passing last year.

Quick facts about me:

i) date of birth 15/7/77

ii) hometown Flitwick, near Bedford (England for all you foreigners).

iii) favourite colour : Blue

I could now bore you with a likes/dislikes section, so i will:-

Likes-only a few of many


Red Dwarf


Beer (in fact most things alcoholic)


Cheap and tacky films (eg. Digital Man).



Australian soaps

One of my hobbies is reading, mostly sci-fi/fantasy and horror, some authors, D.Eddings, J.R.R.Tolkein, Dean Koontz and Richard Laymon. I also listen to a fair bit of music, groups such as Ocean Colour Scene, Stone Roses, Garbage and Radiohead.

Useful links


Red Dwarf


Thanks to:-

Bluetonic, Archvile, BabyGirl, Cyn, Firefly, Honey, Bambi, Rastalin, Dios, Luckyspin, Lucas, Mindflayer and many more, sorry if I missed you out.

Well thats enough about me, go and find something better to do.

Last Updated: 06 November 1996

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