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TerraFirmA Majick System

The world of TerraFirmA is about to change forever with the introduction of the new TerraMajick system.

Gone are the basic old spells, Fireball, Frost, Shock and Sting and in their place are a startling variety of new Majick spells to aid players in their quest for apprenticehood and Clavedom.

The Disciplines or Spheres of Light, Darkness, War and Peace supply the power behind majick, with each Sphere having ever more powerful levels of spells from the simple and easy to cast 'Detect Enchantments' to the dangerous and immensely stamina-draining 'Enchant Weapon'. Access to Spheres is unrestricted, so all players, once powerful enough to control the forces of Majick can cast any spell available, but such power and control over the elemental forces does not come without danger!

Casting spells that are above a player's level of ability to control can backfire causing tears in the fabric of reality with unexpected and sometimes life threatening side effects. An inexperienced player could find themselves confronted with a huge be-fanged creature or teleported to a dangerous area of the game as the forces of reality and unreality are twisted by the miscast Majick.

The pairs of smoking boots that litter the proving grounds of Terra are proof of the wild and raw power that the Majick Unleashes.

There will be over thirty spells available to players in the near future. Some of these are attack spells, such as FireThrow, Shards, and Chill which will drain the strength of the target. Others such as Dim are more peaceful and aid the more careful and stealthy adventurer, allowing them to move freely without fear of being attacked. The Majick of Heat and Cold protect allow players to move into areas that would normally require heavy protective clothing or hidden enchanted artefacts to survive, whilst others such as True Sight and Far Sight enable explorers to see in the dark or indeed into the next location.

So look out for the new system, and welcome to the next era of the Terra experience!

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