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TerraForming - A White Paper

The process of TerraForming is one of the largest projects ever undertaken within the Terra Adventure Worlds. The course of the work will involve substantial restructuring of the game's landscape, with the end goal being a layout which brings history, continuity, and direction to the game.

For some time now, I've thought that the layout of the world has become disjointed. In times gone past, new zones have just been added at will, with no real thought to the overall picture the world presents. Through discussions with other players and Untouchables, I've found that this view was shared.

As I mentioned above, the main purpose of the reorganisation is to bring together incongruous elements of the game in a setting that is logical and well balanced. The main benefits I hope this move will bring to the game are :

For some time now we have been moving away from the standard Aber constrictions, and with this move we should be able to bring our very own flavour to the M** community. In time, it is planned that the code engine the game runs on will be released into the public domain. [More details to follow!]


The exact arrangement of the new world is constantly being discussed and debated, to ensure we arrive at a satisfactory solution. Our aim is to reach an arrangement that meets all the above goals and yet isn't confusing to our existing players, whilst offering a challenge to any new ones.

One of the major driving forces behind this project is to bring the world to life in a big way. In the future a lot of work will be done in livening up the interaction found within the game, in particular in bringing mobiles to life.

With this in mind, we will be revamping and updating the towns to define some definite "centres of commerce". The town of Hamelin will act as the new centre of the game, with Beilefeld and the old Village acting as the others. There will also be a town located on the Island, which will be getting a long over due facelift too.

One thing to consider is this : the zones themselves will hardly change at all in their layout. The major changes will be the way the zones connect, so although there will obviously be some disorientation, for us ALL, its not as if the entire world is being turned up side down.


Well, as soon as possible of course! The goal is to hopefully have the major work done by mid-September, by when we will be in a position to test and polish off the groundwork. To coincide, we are planning to bring in some new quests and some neat new puzzles. Watch this space for details!


The TerraForming team is being overseen by Luckyspin, with BabyGirl as Team Leader, and includes Lucas and Firefly, with additional puzzles coded by the Code Team.


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